Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses

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Prescription Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween contacts are hugely popular in the run-up to October 31. Now, thanks to the introduction of our extensive range of prescription Halloween contact lenses, you too can embrace the fun and excitement of turning your Halloween look up a notch, whether you’re shortsighted or longsighted.

From crazed zombies to blood-thirsty vampires and even fearsome werewolves, you can buy prescription Halloween contacts to match almost any iconic Halloween look. Aside from the obvious designs, we also stock some incredibly diverse lenses such as our blind whites and block color lenses that can be used to enhance just about any custom look that you can dream up.

Our prescription Halloween lenses are also great for recreating killer looks from your favorite horror movie. For example, you can use our prescription black contacts for a Michael Myers look (crazed killer from the 2018 Halloween movie). Meanwhile, our red rage lenses can be used to replicate Volturi eyes from the Twilight franchise.

Buying safe Halloween Contact Lenses online

One of your biggest considerations when looking to buy prescription Halloween lenses is likely to be whether or not they are safe to use. At Crazy Lenses, we make safety our top priority, that’s why we comply with the FDA’s four principles and the EU’s Cosmetics Directive.

For added peace of mind, our prescription contacts are manufactured in the UK, you won’t find any cheap Chinese, Korean, or Thai imports in our online store. Furthermore, they are packed in blisters filled with saline solution in order to prevent contamination and ensure a healthy lifespan.

Despite this, you should always follow these five safety precautions when using prescription Halloween contact lenses:

1. Always clean reusable prescription lenses in saline solution and store in an appropriate case after use.

2. Never use lenses that have passed their expiry date. Equally, never use them for longer than their lifespan (i.e. a pair of lenses with a 12 month lifespan should only be used for up to 12 months from the date of the seal being broken on the blister backpacking).

3. Immediately remove your lenses, discontinue using them and consult an optometrist or eye doctor if you experience soreness, redness, or itchy eyes, or if your vision becomes blurry or distorted.

4. Never share your prescription lenses with anyone else due to the risk of bacteria transfer and infection.

Reusable Halloween lenses

Most clear prescription lenses are daily use. However, all of our prescription Halloween contacts have a 12 month lifespan, enabling you to wear them for Halloween as well as any fancy dress parties or conventions you have planned within the same year.

Our bestselling prescription contacts for Halloween:

Red rage – Consistently at the top of our prescription bestsellers list, red rage lenses are great for creating looks such as Volturi from Twilight, devil, demon, and even some alternative FX concepts.

Black – Our black prescription lenses have risen among the popularity ranks as a result of the likeness to the eyes of Michael Myers from the 2018 Halloween movie. They’re also great for zombie, possessed and FX looks.

White – Great for replicating horrific Marilyn Manson looks, our prescription white lenses can also be used for zombies, ghosts, and many other looks.