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Shop the world's largest range of professional-grade FX contacts or special effects contact lenses at Crazy Lenses. Used by professional FX artists to create hyper-realistic and often inhuman eye transformations for in-character actors, actresses, extras, or models appearing in movies, TV ads, theatre productions, and photo shoots, they are often also accompanied by the application of special effects makeup.

First introduced by legendary SFX makeup artist William Tuttle, he enlisted the help of optometrist Dr, Reuben Greenspoon to create a pair of blue FX contacts. Used to transform the natural brown eyes of a villain-playing actor in the 1939 film "Miracles for Sale”, special effects contact lenses have since grown to become an indispensable tool in a professional SFX makeup artist's arsenal. In more recent years special effects lenses have featured in Twilight Saga, X-Men, Alice In Wonderland, and Host, among many others.

Almost identical to regular vision correcting lenses but with the addition of a non-transparent colored print that conceals the natural colors of your iris, they have in recent years proved popular among a growing crowd of SFX makeup influencers like YouTuber Mykie and Instagrammer RoliGore. This influence has in turn led to the soaring popularity of special effects contact lenses among cosplayers as well as trick-or-treaters, haunted house staff, and party goers at Halloween, hence our extensive selection of cosplay contacts and Halloween contacts.

World's largest range of professional FX contacts

Having created the world's largest range of professional-grade special effects contact, we have a design to meet almost any requirement. For example, we stock FX contacts that can be used to create the illusion of blind and pupil-less eyes, vertical pupils, bloodshot eyes, glowing eyes, and enlarged eyes. Meanwhile, we also have a vast selection of realistic natural contact lenses that can be used where a simple eye color change is required rather than an extreme transformation.

Manufactured in the UK as soft lenses, our FX contacts have a composition of 62% medical-grade polymacon and 38% water which has been scientifically proven to provide exceptional comfort and durability. Packaged in sterile blister bubbles or glass vials, they are sold in pairs with a lifespan of up to 12 months and have a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.